When you think about your financial planning, do you:
• Know you would feel relieved if you knew you wouldn’t run out of money during retirement?
• Feel skeptical because so many advisors are hiding their true agenda?
• Wonder if you’re doing everything you should be doing with your money?
• Feel certain you’d feel better if you knew your finances were organized and understandable?
• Suspect big goals are within your reach with the right time and attention?

You’ve arrived at the right place.

I’m Bridget Sullivan Mermel. I specialize in helping clients gain confidence, get organized, and go forward with clarity. And because I don’t accept commissions, you can be sure that my advice is serving your money needs, not my own.

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Recently Money Magazine asked me to contribute to their blog. Here are some of my latest postings:

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Regulators have acted and new opportunities are on the horizon:
New Ways to Invest in Small Businesses

This posting generated a lot of interest and was picked up by the print copy of Money as well:
What I Tell Clients Who Want to Buy Gold

In the articles section:
What’s the difference between Fee-only and Fee-based? I write about my experience looking for my own advisor.

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