What makes me unique?

I take a comprehensive approach. That means that I do tax planning and tax preparation, not just investments.
My office on Southport
I also advise on retirement planning, insurance, mortgages, cash management, and estate planning. Most financial advisors don’t advise on taxes--likely your single largest expense. Most advisors don’t strategize about your principal residence-- likely your single largest investment.

I am up-front about what you are paying me. I work in a small niche of the industry known as “fee-only.” I don’t hide my fees. I don’t take referral fees, commissions, loads, sales charges, or a fixed percentage of your assets. You pay me directly, so you will never wonder how much I’m making off of you, as a client, or if my motivation for a recommendation is self-interest.

I pledge the highest standard of care in the industry. That means I put client interests ahead of my own and disclose any potential conflicts of interest that might arise. Many, if not most, other advisors owe this level of care to the brokerage or insurance company they work for. That means they pledge to put the interest of that insurance company or brokerage house ahead of yours.

What makes me tick: guiding personal principals

It’s my goal to be connected, engaged, and authentic with other people and the world around me. That means that I try to understand the deep essence of things, communicate and share. And maintain a sense of humor!

I strive to achieve balance. When I’m healthy, secure, and creative, I’ve found it rubs off my clients. This gives me extra incentive to take care of myself. Likewise, I believe that my clients should take care of themselves--and I want to help.

I believe that how you make your money, how you spend your money, and how you save your money can be a path for personal growth, not just a daily drudge. Money can teach.

I believe financial planning is a process we engage in together. Planning your finances is not a one-time event, or a time for a professional to regurgitate your information, fancying it up with graphs and bar charts. I work with you for the long haul, always checking to make sure that your plans are still most effective.

I strive to improve and grow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing pretty much everything I can think of now to make client experiences great. But I don’t have it all figured out.

What happens when we meet

First, I listen. You’ll be able to talk about your feelings and history so that the emotional and spiritual aspects of money are acknowledged. Financial advice is useless if it’s incompatible with your personality, lifestyle, or values.

Then I educate. I explain the financial theory and background that you need to make decisions. You ask questions and I listen some more.

Finally, you make decisions. In light of what we’ve talked about together, we work through your specific situation and you make the decisions that are right for you. I pride myself in offering advice that you will actually take because it feels right to you at every level.

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