Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

You’re near retirement and don’t want to run out of money. You need to figure out when you can retire, how much you can live on, and how to manage your investments. The idea of creating a retirement paycheck is quite appealing.

You’ve accumulated more money than a lot of people your age.
You want the money to give you flexibility to pursue a life you find most meaningful. You have big goals like retiring at 50 and want advice about how to be actively involved in the process.

You’re facing a major life transition, like the death of a spouse, or receiving an inheritance or large gift from your family. You want help navigating the changes in your finances.

You’re an attorney...and would love to find someone who specializes in helping attorneys with their taxes as well as their financial planning. You know the difference between a “fiduciary” and an “agent” and realize that your needs could be best served with an advisor who is on your side.

You live out of a strong sense of purpose and values. You’re interested in aligning your values with your finances through socially responsible investing but want to earn market returns.

As an advisor, we work best with clients who....
  • Strive to live authentically;
  • Realize that they can’t know everything and are willing to seek expert advice;
  • Take time to reflect on their goals, dreams, and aspirations;
  • Strive to grow both personally and financially;
  • Are willing to put time and energy into understanding and making decisions about their finances if they understand the payoff;
  • Want to save for their future, but want to enjoy themselves in the present, too.
  • Does this resonate with you? Check out Guiding Beliefs.

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