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Office Location

The office is in the ground floor unit of a three flat. Go in through the gate and down two steps.


3744 N. Southport is across the street from the area between the Music Box Theatre and the Dairy Queen. The office is in the ground unit, so go through the gate and down two steps.


If you’re visiting during a Cubs game or in the evening, parking passes are available. During the day, you can park on the side streets for free. If you decide to park on Southport, there is a parking pay box directly in front of the building. (We’ve got quarters in the office.)

Public transportation

We’re three blocks north of the Brown Line Southport stop.

On the Red Line, the office is roughly equa-distant from the Sheridan and the Addison stops.


The office is also closer than you probably realize to Clark and Grace, which makes the Clark Street bus a viable option.


Similarly, we're a few blocks from Ashland, which makes the Ashland bus an option.

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