• Bridget Sullivan Mermel CFP(R) CPA

Chicago Real Estate--Time to Act?

Updated: Jun 14

The last time I had Kyle Harvey on the Chicago Money Show, the producers and director immediately said, “Have her on again. She’s good!” Personally, I think it’s because we’re not afraid to disagree!

We’ve known each other long enough for me to witness her blossoming from attorney into real estate expert. A lot of people fear making that kind of change when they’re over some age, but not Kyle. Wow. Her example, energy and drive inspire me to be a better financial planner and a better TV host.

We’ll be talking about the Chicago real estate market. It’s up. It’s down. It’s all over the place. Is it a good time to buy and sell in Chicago?

Plus, these real estate questions are relevant no matter where you live:

· What do higher interest rates mean for buyers?

· How should you price your house?

· What’s the deal behind those ads for we buy junky houses? Is considering those outfits a no-no?

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