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Meet the Team
Bridget Sullivan Mermel

NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor™

Ever since I was growing up in Mequon, Wisconsin, I have been fascinated with money and how people earn it, invest it, and spend it. Nothing got my attention like the stock market contest my econ teacher ran. 

When I went to college, I wanted to learn as much about money and business as I could, so I majored in accounting and marketing. I had to take a writing class; creative writing was supposed to be an “easy A, ” so I signed up. Unlike the other business majors in the class, I loved it. My avocation was born.

Matthew Barnard
Financial Planner

Matthew joined Sullivan Mermel in 2020.  Matthew became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in 2015.


Matthew first acquired an interest in comprehensive fee-only financial planning while in high school.  His interest was cemented when he interned at a financial planning firm and tax practice in Urbana, while in college. He enjoys the puzzle-solving aspect of the work, as well as the satisfaction of seeing clients become more comfortable with their financial lives.  Before joining Sullivan Mermel, Matthew developed his financial planning knowledge by first working for a multinational brokerage firm and 401(k) provider, and later in the home office of a regional insurance company.

Luke Van de Loo
Operations Manager

Luke serves as the Operations Manager at Sullivan Mermel. He provides leadership to the firm’s client service team and manages our systems.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Luke worked at a Registered Investment Advisor firm located in Wisconsin. He then founded a technology company, which led him to his current role at Sullivan Mermel.


Outside of work, Luke enjoys spending time with his wife, Annika, and his son, Viktor. He also likes board games, basketball, and connecting with family and friends in the area.

Mission Vision Values


Innovative Financial Planning


Connecting money and meaning to create fulfilling lives.


Learning, Growing & Improving
Pledge to Clients

As a ACP members, in our dealings with clients, we pledge to be:


Holistic in outlook.

We will consider everything we know about your relevant circumstances, family needs, goals, values, and aspirations when making comprehensive planning recommendations.

Professional in conduct.

We will strive to maintain the highest ethical standards possible in work and life. We will enhance our skills and credentials through ongoing continuing education, and  will refer you to other professionals when you need help in an area outside our expertise.

Educational in nature.

We will guide you through your options and explain them clearly to help you make the best choices. We will always take the time to help you understand our advice.

Independent in compensation.

We will never sell you a product other than holistic financial planning, nor take a commission or a referral fee from another professional. You will receive objective, unbiased advice.

Committed to your success.

Holistic financial planning is a process, not an event, and we commit to adjusting your plan as your life goals and circumstances change.

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