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Save Money While Online Shopping

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Recently, I saved about $100 on-line when spending $300, all

on items that I would have purchased anyway. I bought items

from Kohl's,, Lands End, and a

variety of on-line shops. The common denominator? All of

these retailers are aggressive with on-line promotions and


Before discovering this trick, I'd look longingly at the

"coupon" or "promotional" code space while checking out

during an on-line purchase. Other lucky shoppers have a

promotional code, just not me, I'd think.

Recently, my luck has changed. Here's the trick. I execute

it after deciding on what to purchase, but before I check

out. It takes seconds.

1. Open a new tab or window in my browser;

2. Type the retailer name and "coupon" in Google in the new

tab (i.e. "Lands End coupon");

3. Many times I've found websites that show promotional

codes for the retailer. This is especially true with major

retailers that send out a lot of discount codes.

4. Fill in the promotional codes during checkout.

5. Savings.

The site that I use the most is is a coupon sharing site. Visitors post

promotional codes, and users rate whether or not the codes

work. According to the FAQ, retailers can pull the coupons

at any time.

Another site is, which is put together by

Lincoln Park resident Brad Wilson. Bradsdeals is more geared

for browsing (like if you're wondering what to get a sweetie

for Valentine's Day) than for times when you already know

what you want to buy.

Of course, you don't want searching for deals to cause you

headaches on your computer or, heaven forbid, lead to

identity theft. Unscrupulous websites can download all kinds

of nasty stuff. So, I contacted the More Money Less Angst

computer security expert, my brother Bob Sullivan. Bob is a

fan of coupon sites, and suggests that common-sense computer

caution applies. If you happen upon "a site that looks like

it might exist only to distribute 'malware,'" avoid it.

Keep your operating system software up-to-date with security

patches and run good anti-virus software to avoid problems.

So do you save money with promotional codes? Do you want to

know more about Bob? It's time for feedback.....Let me


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