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How to Start and Run a Small Business with owners of Uncommon Ground and the 5G store

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

How do you start a small business? Is it worth it? How do you get into it, anyway? In this episode I’m joined by two Chicago-area business owners. Michael Cameron owns an ever-evolving restaurant group, Uncommon Ground. Michael Ginsberg owns a computer hardware online business, the 5G Store.

We delve into how and why they started their businesses, what it takes to run a business, their best advice, and how they handle issues like hiring, firing, and COVID.

Michael Ginsberg started out working in computer repairs, then moved on to computer programmer. Over the years he followed his passion and now sells cellular backup systems for when the your regular Internet provider fails. This is a product that didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

Michael Cameron and his wife Helen founded Uncommon Ground in the early 1990s. They started with a small café space featuring open mics and folk music and gradually built into locations both in Lakeview and Edgewater, pioneering the farm to table movement, including a rooftop farm and an organic brewery.

We talk about what it takes to start a business, and also the joys of watching your business grow and connecting with happy, grateful customers.

Join us!

The show is available now! Here:

Plus catch us on TV:

Friday 1/7/2022 Channel 27 @ 4:30 pm

Saturday 1/8/222 Channel 27 @ 4:30 am

Sunday 1/9/2022 Channel 21 @ 9:00 a.m.

Thanks for watching!

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