Welcome to fee-only 
financial planning

Serving clients in the greater Chicago area and nationwide.
When you think of financial planning, do you:
  • Know you would feel relieved if you knew you wouldn’t run out of money during retirement?

  • Feel skeptical because so many advisors are hiding their true agenda?

  • Wonder if you’re doing everything you should be doing with your money?

  • Feel certain you’d feel better if you knew your finances were organized and understandable?

  • Suspect big goals are within your reach with the right time and attention?

You've arrived at the right place.
Welcome to Sullivan Mermel, Inc. 
Fee-only Financial Planners.

I'm Bridget Sullivan Mermel.  I started my fee-only financial planning firm because I saw that so many people wanted a financial planner, but were getting self-interested salespeople and investment advisors with questionable value.

As the firm grows, we continue to offer comprehensive financial planning that includes retirement planning, investment management, tax planning, tax preparation, insurance analysis, and estate planning review. Our team includes Certified Financial Planners™ (CFPs®) as well as a CPA. And because we don’t accept commissions or kickbacks, you can be sure that our advice is serving your money needs, not our own.


We are dedicated to innovative financial planning...

We do that with comprehensive, tax focused financial planning. 

We connect money and meaning to create fulfilling lives.

We do that by focusing on your big goals which inevevitably are about more than money.  We help clients optimize their finances and find meaning as they pursue happy lives.

do we work with people like you?

Our innovative approach starts with assessing if we should work together.

HOw we work together

You might just need a one-time meeting to see if you're on the right track. Or, you might benefit from an on-going relationship to make sure you're always on track to meet your goals.

the highest standard of care in the industry

We were fiduciaries before fiduciaries were cool.  (Actually, we think they've always been cool.)

our fees

Most of the industry hides fees, implying they are  working for free.
We want people to be smarter than that.
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