Chicago Money Show: Informed, engaged, fun.
When Chicago cable 27, CAN TV asked me to host a live call in money show about money, I couldn't resist!  

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Real Estate and Fun Things to Do in Chicago—and Not Spend a Dime.


First, the real estate market is as hot as Chicago in August. What does that mean for buyers, sellers, and the rest of us? Plus, what about Chicago’s hidden gems—neighborhoods and property types that you might not know about. We’ll be talking about this and more with Chicago realtor Kyle Harvey.

Next, how can we emerge from COVID and have some free fun in the city we love? We’re joined by Youtuber and filmmaker Luis Gusto. He’ll start with fun activities where you don’t have to worry about maintaining social distancing. But, for those who are more adventurous, we’ll talk about fun festivals and activities that should attract crowds, too.


Pickles, Crypto, Investing to Make the World Better.


I talk about day trading, cryptocurrency and investing to make the world a better place with Ann Logue. Ann has written five books on finance, including how-to manuals on both day trading and socially responsible investing. She knows her stuff.

We talk about emergency funds, if it makes sense to refi and easy money—current ideas how to save money on broadband and check on the advanced child tax credit if you've got kids.